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Many different vehicle platforms are using Autogas now!


Fleets that switch from gasoline to propane autogas experience significant fuel savings and extended engine life for their vehicles.

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Autogas is a term we use to describe propane being used in automobile transportation. It is the same exact propane gas we deliver to heat your home and hot water, cook your food, dry your clothes, and many other convenient applications where propane is cleaner and greener (in many ways) than the other fuel options available and in use. Propane is MUCH less expensive and has a greener carbon footprint too!

Propane Autogas powers over 18 million vehicles worldwide. In Australia alone over 50% (FIFTY PERCENT!) of all vehicles currently run on Autogas. Compare that to the USA where less than 5% (FIVE) percent run on Autogas and you can see we are way behind the proverbial curve.

The average cost to convert a vehicle to run on Autogas is approximately $5,800*.

*the cost to convert a vehicle will vary slightly depending on the number of cylinders in the engine and the size of the propane tank chosen or needed.

A vehicle that travels 20,000 miles per year that gets 15 miles per gallon will consume approximately 1333 gallons of gasoline per year. Using Autogas that vehicle can save as much as $3,000 if it was converted to run on Autogas. That savings represents a payback of less than 20-months!

More and more vehicles in the USA are switching from gasoline to Autogas. Autogas offers significant reductions in harmful engine emissions from gasoline. And converting a vehicle is both quick and easy to do!

Proulx is the New England distributor for the PRINS model vehicle conversion system. PRINS leads the WORLD in conversion kit distribution and vehicle conversions. PRINS allows the Autogas vehicle to run on either gasoline or propane and can switch on the fly from one to the other without interruption. Referred to as a bi-fuel system, a vehicle converted to PRINS has the benefit of longer range without refueling of any system available. The flexibility of PRINS makes it the system of choice for millions of users worldwide. Not only is the manufacturer warranty preserved but drivers who are out of range of an Autogas fueling station can simply switch back to gasoline to complete their route until they return to their primary or secondary refueling locations.

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